Host a Company Event

Company Presentations

Companies may hold company presentations as a way to engage with larger groups of students. These events are generally held during the lunch hour (12:00-12:50 pm) or after class has ended for the day (5:00 pm or later). Many companies provide lunch or dinner for students who attend. You can schedule a company presentation in DOME.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can work with our team to schedule and conduct a company presentation via video conference. Please contact Judy Truitt at or 574-631-3315 if this is something you’re interested in.

Office Hours

If you’d like to provide students with an opportunity to informally meet individuals from your company, you can host office hours at Duncan Student Center. We can book a room for you and help you manage your open (i.e., students can stop by whenever they’re free) or closed (i.e., students need to book an appointment) office hours schedule. Please contact Judy Truitt if you would like to schedule office hours.

Interview Pre-Nights

Interview Pre-Nights, generally held the evening before on-campus interviews, allow employers to interact with candidates in a more informal setting, expand upon job requirements, and distribute any necessary information prior to interviewing the candidates they’ve selected. Our office generally does not get involved with interview pre-nights, but please contact Judy Truitt if you have any questions.

Other Events

You can work with our team to customize an event for students. In the past, companies have hosted informal “Happy Hour” meet and greets, off-site company presentations, and lunches/dinners, among other events. Companies that have done this in the past have typically handled all event coordination on their own, but you can contact Judy Truitt if you have any questions or would like assistance.

Requesting Additional Assistance

Please contact Judy Truitt ( / 574-631-3315) with any questions.