MBA Interview Logistics

Interview Timetable / Sequence of Events

In general, it takes about four weeks to go from a job posting to a day of interviews. Here are the specific dates associated with on-campus interviews for the 2018-2019 academic year:

Full-time Interview Week

Students Apply By

Select Interview Candidates

Sep 6-7

Aug 19

Aug 23

Sep 10-14

Aug 26

Aug 30

Sep 17-21

Sep 3

Sep 6

Sep 24-26

Sep 9

Sep 13

Oct 1-3

Sep 16

Sep 20

Oct 22-26

Oct 7

Oct 11

Anything outside of the above dates please contact

Internship/Full-Time Interview Week

Students Apply By

Company Selects Interview Candidates By

Jan 15-18

Jan 3

Jan 7

Jan 21-25

Jan 6

Jan 10

Jan 28-Feb 1

Jan 13

Jan 17

Feb 4-8

Jan 20

Jan 24

Feb 11-15

Jan 27

Jan 31

Feb 18-22

Feb 3

Feb 7

Feb 25- 27

Feb 10

Feb 14

If your timeline is compressed and does not allow for this much time, we will do our best to help you build a plan that will achieve your recruiting objectives.

On-Campus Interviewing

On-campus interviews are available to organizations interested in recruiting Notre Dame MBA students for internship and/or full-time positions. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your on-campus interviews:

  • Interview Session (select one of the MBA sessions if targeting MBA students)

  • Interview Dates

  • Number of Rooms Needed

  • Interview Length (DOME allows for 20-, 30-, 45-, 60-, 75-, and 90-minute interviews)

  • Interview Format (e.g., back-to-back interviews in which one candidate is interviewed by two company reps at different times vs. two-on-one interviews in which one candidate meets with two company reps at the same time)

Virtual Interviewing

If you can’t make the trip to campus, our video conference interview system allows you to reach students virtually. This system may also be used to facilitate “on-campus” interviews between companies and MBA students participating in our study abroad programs. Alternatively, you may use your preferred platform (Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, telephone, etc.) to conduct virtual interviews. Regardless of how you would like to conduct your virtual interviews, our team can help you develop and manage your interview schedule for the day.