On-Campus Interviewing

We invite employers to register for in-person interviews (virtual available upon request) in our state of the art Graduate Career Development Center via Mendoza MBA’s DOME Recruiting System or contact Katy White, katywhite@nd.edu to schedule your interviews. 

Offer Policy

Offer Origination:

Offer Cannot Expire Before:

Upon completion of a summer 2023 internship with the organization September 16, 2023, or two weeks from the formal offer, whichever is later
Before October 3, 2023 October 17, 2023, or two weeks from the formal offer, whichever is later
After October 3, 2023 Two weeks from the formal offer

For MBA Students:

In general, it takes about four weeks to go from a job posting to a day of interviews. Here are the specific dates associated with on-campus interviews for the 2022-2023 academic year:

 SPRING 2023

Interview Week

Application Deadline

Candidate Selection Deadline

Jan 16-20

Dec 11

Dec 16

Jan 23-27

Jan 1

Jan 6

Jan 30-Feb 3

Jan 8

Jan 13

Feb 6-10

Jan 15

Jan 20

Feb 13-17

Jan 23

Jan 27

Feb 20-24

Jan 30

Feb 3

Feb 27-  Mar 3

Feb 5

Feb 10


MBA Offer Policy


Post Graduation Recruiting
(2nd-Year and 1-Year MBA Students)

Internship Recruiting
(1st-Year MBA Students)

Offer Deadlines

Post-graduation offers should have a decision deadline of December 5, 2022 or two weeks from the offer date, whichever comes later.

Internship offers should have a decision deadline of February 27, 2023 or two weeks from the offer date, whichever comes later

On-Campus Interviewing Considerations:

On-campus interviews are available to organizations interested in recruiting Notre Dame Graduate Business students for internship and/or post-graduation positions. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your on-campus interviews:

  • Interview Session* 

  • Interview Dates

  • Number of Rooms Needed

  • Interview Length 

  • Interview Format

    • Back-to-back interviews: One candidate is interviewed by two company representatives at different times

    • Two-on-one interviews: One candidate meets with two company reps simultaneously

    • Room reservations: Room only, usually no position attached, typically a manual schedule for interviewees

    • Resume Collect: Resumes collect on the OCR posting and have a position attached to the schedule

    • Pre-Select to Alternate: Ability to allow selected candidates to fill in their own time slot for interviews and a position attached to the schedule

*To establish interviews for MBA students, log into DOME and schedule what fits best for you and your organization.
If your organization is seeking Specialized Masters students, log in to Handshake to engage with those students.


Virtual Interviewing

If you are unable to interview on-campus, our Zoom video conference system allows you to interview students virtually. Alternatively, you may use your preferred platform (Skype, GoToMeeting, WebEx, telephone, etc.) to conduct virtual interviews. Regardless of how you would like to conduct your virtual interviews, our team can help you develop and manage your interview schedule for the day.

The Notre Dame Student Promise

Through a signed Ethical Job/Internship Search Agreement, students promise to attend scheduled meetings or interviews, provide professional advance notice of interview schedule changes, and withdraw from any recruiting process they do not intend to fully pursue. Mendoza Graduate Business Career Development enforces a zero-tolerance policy for students who renege after accepting an offer of employment or who conduct themselves unethically and/or unprofessionally during their search.


If you need additional information, please contact RecruitMendoza@nd.edu.