Program Comparison

Future Leaders

Master of Science in Accountancy

The Notre Dame MSA program is known for its quality faculty, rigorous curriculum and focus on ethics. Our students understand how accounting fits within the larger business context, and they are prepared to tackle challenging technical accounting issues. Students develop industry-specific skills by choosing from one of two career tracks: Financial Reporting and Assurance Services or Tax Services. They are ideal candidates for recruiters from the top financial and accounting firms.

Master of Science in Management

The Notre Dame MSM program attracts a unique group of students—those with degrees in areas such as arts and letters, engineering and science—but who want to turn their experience and passion into professional business careers. In addition to learning key business skills, these students develop a deeper understanding of business leadership centered on values, integrity and concern for the greater good. These future leaders possess strong communications and analytical skills—both of which are highly valuable to companies across all industries. 

Proven Leaders, Ready for the Next Challenge


The EMBA is offered in two formats: an 18-month program that meets biweekly in Chicago and a 22-month program that meets once a month at Notre Dame’s Stayer Center for Executive Education in South Bend. In addition to a strong core of fundamental business classes, unique coursework in Executive Integral Leadership develops a leadership perspective, Design Thinking & Innovation provides new insights into markets and customers, and an international immersion project introduces EMBA students to global business.

Master of Business Administration

The Notre Dame MBA program develops strong business leaders with strategic vision, a bias toward collaboration and a values-based approach to decision making. These leaders are passionate about finding innovative ways to solve tough problems and are committed to driving positive change—both within their organizations and in their surrounding communities. A typical MBA class consists of students who represent all 50 states and six continents. Our students experience a rigorous and well-rounded curriculum that emphasizes values, personal responsibility and an ethical approach to managing critical business issues.

Master of Business Analytics

The Notre Dame MSBA program equips actively employed business professionals with advanced techniques in data analytics and decision science. Our students develop expertise in areas such as data mining and visualization, statistics, modeling, optimization and simulation on data sets—all of which impact the operations, finance and marketing decisions for companies across industries. Candidates wrestle with ethical challenges of data management, including issues such as identity protection, privacy, ownership of information and corporate reputation. Through a capstone experiential consulting opportunity, our students work with live data and an actual client’s business challenge.

Master of Science in Finance

The Notre Dame MSF program provides actively employed financial professionals with the expertise to help organizations become more efficient and effective. Our students learn corporate financial analysis and reporting, working capital management and asset utilization to improve financing the firm. Candidates also develop expertise in M&A, investing and markets, equity valuation and derivatives. Because ethics play such a large role in our curriculum, our MSF candidates are well prepared to address ethical challenges associated with risk management, compliance and international finance. Our students master the program through a capstone experiential consulting opportunity that identifies the financial levers of an actual client’s business challenge.