Recruiter Feedback

High Standards

“One of the reasons I love coming here is that I am always impressed with the people we are meeting. You have a very high standard of student. They're knowledgeable, engaged, interesting, and enthusiastic.”

William Glaros

Trust and Integrity

“Two of our values (at P&G) are trust and integrity, and we find that when Notre Dame alumni come into our company they're already well groomed and well able to assume leadership roles with these values in mind.”

Matthew Perron
Senior Financial Analyst
Procter & Gamble

Natural Fit

“Booz Allen recruits at Notre Dame largely because of the values alignment. We have our client's mission, we have our company's mission, and those are a natural fit with Notre Dame talent.” 

Hans Rohr
Senior Associate
Booz Allen Hamilton

Culture and Personality

“We find that Notre Dame students bring a fabric of culture and personality because of the type of students that are drawn to Notre Dame. What they learn and the community they become a part of makes them tremendous business professionals for SAP.”

Don Ginocchio
former University Alliances Director

Passion and Camaraderie

“I think there is an underlying passion and you get a clear sense of the camaraderie that exists on campus. Being part of a smaller MBA program and tied to a culture that really fosters that sense of wanting to do well in one's career while also doing good.”

Colleen Diemer
Director, Financial Analysis