MSM Recruiting Policies

Grade Disclosure

Mendoza students are not required to disclose their grades, GPA and/or GMAT information to prospective employers, nor will any members of the Career Services team. However, it is the individual right of the student to disclose any aspect of their own academic performance to prospective employers or any other interested parties.

Scheduling of Interviews

Companies are strongly encouraged to schedule both on- and off-campus interviews at times that do not conflict with a student’s academic schedule. For this reason, call-backs should be held on Fridays (generally non-class days for students), and a minimum of three business days’ notice for any off-campus interviews is requested.

Extending Offers

Companies should communicate decisions to candidates within a reasonable time frame and in accordance with Mendoza’s key recruiting dates (highlighted below). Exploding offers do not give candidates an appropriate amount of time to make a decision and are therefore prohibited. 

Withdrawing Offers

Once an offer (verbal or written, including email) is made to a candidate, it cannot be withdrawn without being considered a violation of Mendoza’s Recruiting Policies. Any company considering rescinding an offer to a student should contact the Graduate Business Career Services team as soon as possible via 574-631-8482.

Students Reneging on Accepted Offers

Once a student has accepted an offer with a company, he/she is expected to honor that commitment. Reneging on an accepted offer is a violation of Mendoza’s recruiting policies, and strict penalties have been developed to uphold the integrity of these policies and create accountability for a student’s choices. If a student is considering reneging on an accepted offer, he/she is required to schedule a meeting with a member of the Career Services team to discuss his/her intended actions. Each renege situation will be reviewed; depending on the circumstances, the following penalties may be imposed:

  • Mandatory in-person meeting with the Director of Career Services, Associate Dean or Dean to explain the reasons for the student’s actions
  • Mandatory in-person meeting with the company to explain the reasons for the student’s actions
  • A letter, copying the Director of Career Services, apologizing and explaining the reason for those student’s actions
  • Immediate and permanent loss of access to Go IRISH/on-campus recruiting opportunities
  • Immediate and permanent loss of access to alumni career services